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Apa yang harus dikejarkan 2015: What to achieve in 2015?

Lama tidak mencatat disini, mungkin faktor umur yang baru mencecah 29 tahun tapi sudah masuk ke ambang 30 tahun. atau mungkin faktor sibuk dengan kerja, dengan belajar, dengan kerja di rumah, dengan aishah, dengan segala2nya. atau mungkin sudah sampai masa bila menulis, harus menulis sesuatu yang memberi impak positif sahaja, tidak kebudak-budakan..

Since we just entering year 2015, year which i'll turn 30 at the end of the year, thus it would free my loaded mind to share what to achieve in 2015. What about your goal in 2014 wahida? Alhamdulillah, all achieved, praises be to Allah who ease everything throughout the year. Lets take a quick view what i plan in 2015, hopefully will be achieved as well. pray to God 2015 will be smooth like 2014 too. 

1) My PhD 

I think over all, this is important to first list in 2015 goals. Hmmmm, next september 2015, kalau ikot calendar betol, akan genap 3 tahun saya buat PhD (part time basis). progress sekarang tengah buat data collection. still banyak lagi actually. saya target before bersalin (bulan May/2015), saya sempat habiskan data collection progress. Boleh habis on time ke wahida 3 tahun? jawapan saya, big TIDAK. mungkin akan extend satu semester atau dua  mungkin. Angan2 masa register dulu nak habiskan 3 tahun jer, well i'm pretty sure everybody does isnt? kalau x tercapai, tidak semestinya kita gagal, tapi kita berusaha mencapainya cuma kita perlukan masa. so its okay if i have to extend. its normal for PhD student. my husband pun extend satu semester and now dia dah at his relaxing zone hanya menunggu date final viva shj..so for year 2015, i target my phd progress to be:

i) Complete data collection by April 2015
 - now settle 250 companies, i have 750++ companies to go. i took 2 months to finish 250 companies enw (inconsistent progress i admit)

ii) Run the analysis
- Done for 250 companies for preliminary findings and Alhamdulillah it shows positive findings. 

iii) Publish paper/attend conference
- I plan for two articles enough this year. We plan for the preliminary findings paper first. Doing it enw.

iv) PhD Thesis  Writing
- September 2015, i will start with my thesis writing InsyaAllah

2) My financial stability

- I believe some of you put this in your 2015 goals right? i did every year. Last year was to save RM1,000 per month. Alhamdulillah i managed to save RM1,250 every month. (please be positive when you read this, i hope you get me)

- This year? what my plan? last year i simpan RM200 (tolak gaji to asb), RM300 (invest asb) and main kutu RM750.. this year, i plan and still continue whatever i did last year cuma berbeza ckit caranya:

i)  Save RM200 to my asb account - tolak gaji every month (i did this since two years ago)

ii) Invest in ASB RM300 per month - i did since last year. (you might say why asb?, i terperangkap last year, org promote , terus buat, skrg nk terminate can not, have to wait for two years at least, so never mind, just continue)

iii) Invest in great eastern for my aishah and coming baby. i paid RM500 per month and the maturity is 20 years, dividend declared every year. i did this since December last year. baru lagi yang ni saya buat. yang ni more to aishah and next baby walaupun invest on my name. actually macam savings jugak la ni, cuma xde dlm kad atm kita jer. can withdraw anytime yang ni (kalau terdesak), provided duit ada at least 5k dalam akaun). my hope for this investment is bila aishah dah 18 tahun, the money cukup untuk cover dia study, makan minum later without ptptn or any education loan.. kalau dpt scholarship, mummy amik la duit ni yer sha. ;p

iv) Investment Koperasi UniMAP. yang ni dah nak masuk tahun ketiga i buat. The dividend quite high. Every year i earn at least 18% dividend. This one i x buat tolak gaji bulan2 or bayar bulan sebab dah letak lump sum amount RM14k entitled for RM100K investment. so dividend every year will be used to pay for the next year payment. tahun 2013 managed to get RM26,000 dividend (Dividend declared 2 kali setahun, so dua kali pengiraan dividend lah setahun), minus RM14,000 every year, left with RM12,000. Tahun 2014 belom dpt statement lagi. so adalah saving jugak yang ni.. yang ni kalu nak cerita mmg panjang, sebab this is the best investment so far i ever had. my husband invested as well. so every year we manage to earn at least RM24,000 net. net maksudnya kalau nak guna, amik lah sebab dah tolak payment commitment utk next year..

v) Aim utk tahun ni apa yer. nak tambah investment koperasi lagi RM14,000 InsyaAllah. So total entitled lagi RM100,000. Sebab another two weeks will get to withdraw my EPF funds sebab dah cukup 3 tahun dah sah jawatan etc Alhamdulillah. so will use the money to to-pup my investment.. 

Actually, bila dah getting old ni, we tend to think about the financial freedom..so me. what about you?

3) Travel? 

Travel? NO. big No I will say because i will deliver baby around May 2015. so xde nak pasang niat ke mana2 pun actually. plus we having a big "takot" to fly. memnag lah orang kata, kalau nak mati tu, kat mana2 pun akan mati tapi cukup lah kalau for the time being, i'm afraid of flying.. we will travel, but yang menggunakan jalan darat perhaps. so cuti2 malaysia lah mungkin. 

That's it for my 2015 dream.. 

Let's share yours here! Would love to hear that. 

Thank you for reading...


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You may not get what you dream of.

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The truth is,
mine is on the right side.

stay strong, be positive wahida!

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